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Guy Graham Babylon
*20. 12. 1956 - +02. 09. 2009


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Time flies fast as the winds
But I still feel your wings
Is not even one day
When I not hear you play

In your music you still alive
In my heart is sounds live
The stars are eyes of the kings
Death not destroy the angels wings

You´re still my king
A touch of your wing
Is wind what has brought
My stray and lovely thought

Along with the other kings you look down from heaven, and your wings protect us always

By Chiara Tišík


Jesse Rarach´s letter to Guy

Dear Guy.jpg

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"Angels not escape away. Only your eyes can not see them standing next to you. That does not mean that they are not next to you."

Matteo Vecchio


Martin Darling

"Our kings are looking down from heaven. It is that we do not see the eyes them, does not mean that they are not with us."